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Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

Every dollar received by DSAFF enhances the school’s ability to deliver a high quality, public arts education and curriculum to middle and high school students, bridging the gap between district funding and the real costs of an arts curriculum.


You may not be aware that…
  • DSA receives no extra district funding for the arts. DSA is funded the same as other middle/high schools in the district.
  • DSA receives less than half of the funding of comparable arts schools in the country.
  • DSA’s remarkable Visiting Artists Program employs over 200 professional artists, costs approximately $350,000 per year and is completely funded through donations.
  • District funding does not cover repair and upgrading of industry standard equipment and systems throughout the building.
DSA currently faces a gap of $1,272 per student. This gap is the difference between what it costs to provide a comprehensive arts/academic education per student and what we receive per student from the district.
DSA provides a place for highly gifted young writers, actors, musicians, vocalists, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers and other artists from diverse backgrounds to fully realize their artistic talents in a rigorous academic environment. DSA creates an exceptional and highly accepting community setting where students thrive and excel.

Support Our Students Fund

The DSA SOS (Support Our Students) Fund was established in the fall of 2014 to ensure that all DSA students experience success and are not limited by financial resources. This fund provides assistance with DSA-related expenses such as lessons, art supplies, performance attire, tutoring, and more.Learn more!

Outreach Program

The primary focus of DSA Friends Foundation outreach programming is the DSA-Ashley Partnership, which was developed in the fall of 2014 Learn more!

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